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Go beyond the page. Be engaging, with podcast advertising.   



Million dollars in Advertising revenue. Double from 2017.

Billion dollars will be spent on podcast advertising by 2022.


Podcast Listenership has double in recent years

“There’s one key reason that brands are paying more money for podcast advertising: it works, especially as traditional advertising mediums have become increasingly less effective over the past few years”

6 reasons why you should choose podcast advertising

Great Hosts Make Great Ads

Great hosts create ads that are entertaining and engaging, Instead of getting a typical 30 seconds pre-recorded audio spot or magazine ad, podcast listeners hear unique live reads or in-depth ‘chats’ made personal by the podcast host. Podcast ads are intuitive and integrated seamlessly into the subject matter of the show.

Podcast Ads Are Native; integrated seamlessly into the show.

Great hosts create ad reads that are entertaining and engaging, making the spots part of the podcast, not a break.

Podcast Audiences Are Extremely Loyal

Podcast Listeners establish relationships with the host and are compelled to listen to ongoing episodes. 1 in 2 Australian podcast listeners, claimed to have listened to 5 hours of podcasts the past week. Up 44% since 2017.

Listeners Buy Products From Podcast Ads

Midroll Media, a leading podcast advertising network, recently surveyed their listeners and an amazing 63% of podcast listeners have bought a product they heard advertised on a podcast.

Engaging & Convenient for Listeners

Unlike magazines, newspapers or written blogs, which has to be read, or even videos that require audiences to sit and watch, podcasts require little effort to engage – you just press play. Podcast listeners chooses to opt-in; they intend to listen to the whole show.

Exact Number of Listeners

Covering 7 listening platforms including YouTube, Spotify and TuneIn, The Daylesford Podcast is able to give you the exact number of listeners per episode.

types of advertising

Community and non-for profits are always free


True Native - 10 or 5 Minutes

Recorded live and on location, this unique style of influence advertising is a great opportunity to connect with your clients. This type of ad is the most popular, and for good reason. The Podcast hosts end up having enormous influence over their audiences because their listeners have come to trust and like them so much.


Pre, Mid & End Roll

Pre-roll ads are around 15-sec long, and are placed before the “meat” of the show’s content. Before the host actually dives into the podcast content, they’ll talk about the advertiser’s product or service. Mid-roll ads are placed around the middle of the show, usually after the listener has finished listening to around 40-70% of the show’s content.


In Studio - Event Mention

Add your event to the weekly events list on the Podcast. Website and Newsletter also available.


Non For Profit / Community

All community and not for profit events are free. Please contact us for more information. 

Let’s Work Together

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